Leather men's key holder


Leather men's key holder

Handmade leather men's key holder from genuine crazy horse. Holds 4 - 10 regular keys convenient key holder.

Handmade convenient key holder made from premium quality italian leather.
Closed with a stainless nickel color press button.
Easily disassembled and assembled with a single screwdriver.


There are 2 sizes:

Small key holder has 1 removable 5mm diameter pin for keys. It holds up to 5 regular keys
Measures approximately 3.3 inch wide, 1 1/2 inch tall and 1 inch thick (8.5*4*2.5 cm)

Large holder has 2 removable 5mm diameter pins for keys. It holds up to 10 regular keys
Measures approximately 4.9 inch wide, 1 1/2 inch tall and 1 inch thick (12.5*4*2.5 cm)

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T R S on May 24, 2017
This is a bit more expensive than other key holders of this type, but when you handle it, you can see it is definitely worth it. The leather is very nice, and the whole thing feels robust and properly made. It is also quite large and comfortably holds lots of keys. It is easy to open even with one hand,and a lot nicer in a pocket or bag than a bunch of loose & rattling keys!
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